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SIGNA Sports United is a NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) listed specialist online sports retail company based in Berlin, Germany. We own companies and brands in various sports including bike, tennis, outdoor and team sports. We sell equipment and apparel via our 100 own online stores, collaborate with 500+ independent brick and mortar shops, and partner with over 1000 sports brands.

Bike business

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Tennis business

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Outdoor business

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Team sports business

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Retail Media

Football boots.

Together we serve 7+ million customers around the world. We own companies and brands in various sports including bike, tennis, outdoor and team sports.

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Growing our group

We acquire leading online sports retail sites to accelerate their growth across new markets and categories.

Together we provide a more customer-focused user journey tailored to each activity. Through greater product customisation, on-demand advice, and enhanced delivery options, our companies and brands have become known worldwide.

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Webshops in over 20 countries


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Brand partners

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A partner for the ecosystem

We take advantage of data, technology, and fulfilment infrastructure to support our companies, brands, and customers. This extends beyond our own online sports retail sites to enable third-party e-commerce.

Today we connect to 500+ offline retailers to offer connected retail and service touchpoints to our consumers. We are integrated with digital communities, providing us access to 15m+ users. We are opening our platform directly to our brand partners, enabling retail media services and third-party e-commerce.

Inspiring Performance Inspiring Performance

An innovative family of own brands

Insights from our over 20 million customers mean we can spot trends and design products that answer their needs.

Our line-up of award-winning product brands is widely recognized, already comprises 20% of our business, and benefits from the growing reach of our international network.

Lead The Way
Own brand logos. Own brand logos.

We are all enthusiasts at heart

Everyone in our team shares a passion for sport, which means we can deliver authentic experiences to our customers.

Our headquarters are in Berlin, Germany. We also have offices in the UK, France, Sweden, and the US.

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United by passion. United by passion.